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Electrolux Enn26800 fridge not cooling. Freezer fine, fan runs

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Electrolux Enn26800 fridge not cooling. Freezer fine, fan runs intermittent, no ice build up.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Baffle at top of fridge that lets cool air in does not seem to open automatically. Can open it manually, do feel resistance against motor.
Hi Have you removed the evaporator housing unit inside the freezer to make sure theres no ice build up in there? I know you say theres no ice but just want to double check as for the freezer to work but not the fridge its nearly always down to either ice blocking the air flow in the freezer or the fan in freezer fault. As to be honest in 8 years of working direct for Electrolux and over 25 years repairing appliances I have replaced 1 baffle in the fridge on these models and I don't even think that was faulty as well. So just double check the evaporator for ice and let me know. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yep, removed housing, only a very slight frosting. Ducting at back of freezer seems clear as far as my fingers can feel! The fan kicks in every now and again. Freezer temp. -18, fridge temp +12. Does the fridge thermostat control the fan and baffle?
I just up loaded the service manual for this. Have a look at it and you will be able to run a test cycle on it and this test all the componments in there lik the baffle and fans so you can run them one at a time and check each of them. As you can open the baffle and have the fan running in test mode and feel inside the fridge at the top and feel if theres air there. Have a look at that and see if that helps you further and let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
For some reason, cant get service mode to work in both variants. Have found that if I leave freezer door open for approx. 1 minute, fan starts, baffle opens and cool air starts to flow but only lasts for 30 seconds. Any ideas??
Ok as the baffle opens then this is working. But from the fault you describe this could be either a faulty sensor in there or the control board itself if the freezer evaporator is free from ice. To test the sensors you need to remove the control board and then unplug the wiring block and test it with a multi meter and see what you find. Ive just uploaded another service manual which has the wiring diagram and strip down of the fridge so have a look at that one and see what you find. As if the sensors are all ok then the control board itself is more then likely the fault on this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
2 things, cooler potentionmeter didn't react and E1 evaporator sensor faulty came up. Is it a condemned fridge??
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
These were found in service mode.
Ok some sensors cannot be replaced as they are foamed in to the liner so theres no access to it. In this case the control board has to be replaced and the wiring altered as this now bypasses the sensors as the control board takes over from them. If you can post the full product number from the sticker inside the fridge and I can get the correct part number for you and get a price for the board.The product number starts with a 9.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
pnc: 925 697 710-03. How does the evaporator sensor effect the fridge cooling? I thought this sensor would effect the freezer only?
That's a bit of a strange one really as if it was the freezer sensor then it usually takes the freezer out. But I have know electronic fridges to play up and give strange faults when a sensor fails. Did you measure the resistance out of the sensor or did it flash up the error code on the control board for a faulty sensor?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just from the error code. Not had a chance to take control board out, test meter at work not at home!!
Ok that's fine. As you say the freezer is fine and not blocked up then its got to be down to the control board as that's the only other part left in the circuit. As we know its not the baffle as this opens so all that's left is the control unit in there. As if it was the sensors anyway it will still need a control board as the control board takes over from the sensors once they fail The part number I have coming up for the service kit is(###) ###-####Now this is very expensive as its about £150 and a pain in the neck to fit. But Electrolux do a repair plan for faulty appliances for about £16 a month as you pay monthly. For this price they will send out Electrolux and they will supply and fit them for you plus you get a full 12 month warrenty on the whole appliance. So for an extra £20 they will fix it for you plus you get a full 12 month warrenty as well so that may be the better option on here.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think I will go down the repair plan route. Both options cheaper than a new fridge/freezer!! Great advice, thanks for your time.