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Appliance is a De Dietrich Fridge/Freezer model RG8314E1D bought

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Appliance is a De Dietrich Fridge/Freezer model RG8314E1D bought in 2002.
Top right hinge has broken away from the fridge body and has cracked the front upper panel.
Whilst the "fup" is largely cosmetic, is the dead hinge a terminal problem or can the whole hinge panel be replaced ? If so, where can you get the spares ?
You can purchase De Detrich spares at Thank you for choosing JustAnswer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Alas,, do not stock hinge parts for a RG8314E1 fridge/freezer.The hinge is a plastic fitment that appears to be part of a molded panel that extends along the top of the model. It is certainly not obvious how this fitment is removed from the fridge.There is a similar hinge position on the left hand side of this panel where the door would be fixed if reversed. The door is fixed to the hinge socket by a metal pin that passes through the hinge and into the top of the door.I have already looked at various websites including the 4de-dietrich spares site. It certainly looks as if the upper front panel has been discontinued as a spare and nobody has anything like the required hinge fitment. Hence my original query that the situation might be terminal.
It's possible that the part is no longer available, as I'm not able to find the part number at any of my sources. It might be a good idea call the nearest authorized servicer, and have them check their sources. lf you go to www/, and use the dealer locator menu, you'll find a servicer near where you live. Thank you for choosing JustAnswer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Needless to say, having spent most of the last few days searching various websites that do stock De Dietrich spares for the required parts, my call to "Just Answer" was a last resort to avoid wasting any more time on a probable lost cause. The offending fridge (which is fitted) is actually in my wife's sister's house in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and she presently has resident tenants. I have already been on the De Dietrich website ( and there are in fact no suppliers in the immediate area. What I will probably now have to do is to find (if there is one) a repairer who specialises in this particular product and who can tell me whether the problem can be fixed. Thanks for your efforts but I think I shall be asking for my £20 back.:
You are not charged anything, unless you click the ACCEPT button. The funds are held by JustAnswer for future requests, or until you request a return of the funds. Thank you for choosing JustAnswer.
I just found out that refund requests must be made within 30 days of your deposit.
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