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Have an AEG Dishwasher Model: Favorit Sensor Logic 65011VI.

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Hi, have an AEG Dishwasher Model: Favorit Sensor Logic 65011VI. It has developed a fault in its programming which results in it failing to complete the washing cycle and disconnecting the progress of the programme at random points. This effectively means that the machine switches off and the door of the washer opens. I now have to continuously check the machine and restart it.
Can you please advise how I can adjust or reprogramme the machine to complete the chosen wash cycle, or does this require a visit from an AEG technician or suppler? If the latter what process is required to have such a visit? An early response would be appreciated. Jack Matthews
For your information the details of the machine are: PNC###-##-####01
Type 911D93-2T
SN 91220053
PN 17202306
2200w - 10A
Hi As to the fault when it stops are you getting the end of cycle light flashing?If so then count the number of flashes from it in between the pause and let me know. If theres no flashing lights from it then if you close the door does it carry on with the cycle? Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
there are no flashing lights. It does continue the cycle once the door is closed, but the door opening can happen randomly 2 or 3 times during a cycle
Ok this isn't a programming issue, Its something to do with the door as the control unit does make the door open as its a basic door lock. What you need to do is remove the top basket and from there check theres nothing stuck in the side rails. As in the past ive found the wheels fall off the basket and get stuck in the rail and this stops the basket from going fully back and can cause the door to pop open during the wash. If that's fine then you can adjust the door hook on these.Open the door and look at the top of the dishwasher in the middle and you will see the door hook.Look under there and you will see a plastic white cap.Pop this off and there you will see a screw.Lossen this only slightly and then you can pull the hook forwards a bit.Then tighten the screw up. Now retry the cycle and see how it goes from there. Fingers crossed this cures it.But if after this its the same then the door latch inside the door itself will be the fault and will need to be replaced here. So as the door is popping open on its own and then carries on when you close it then this has nothing to do with the programming or the control board here. Its a simple door latch fault which does happen often on these. Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, it definitely is not a runner problem, but I have followed your suggestions regarding the lock and hook and adjusted them as much as practical. The machine is now on and lets see what happens!!! Thanks for your help, Jack Matthews
Ok its not often a runner fault but I always say about that as its sods law if I didn't say it that will be the fault in the end. But as you have adjusted the door hook fingers crossed that sorts it. Let me know how it goes.