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Hotpoint wmpf 843g uk. Problem sel. prog. door locks m\c doesn't

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hotpoint wmpf 843g uk. Problem sel. prog. door locks m\c doesn't fill.Unable to open door
emerg. pull has to be used.Suspect level switch and\or door lock,both items replaced- still
the same problem.Send main c.b. off for repair, p.c.b. repaired fitted no joy.Return p.c.b.,
checked and rectified,board fitted again and still the same.Everything on m\c rechecked,all
good- motor, heater, inlet, drain, n.t.c., prog.display good. Purchase NEW p.c.b. code *********** s\n(###) ###-####(original p.c.b.- code *********** s\n(###) ###-####.On fitting find fault code FO9 and erratic l.e.d. display on prog. fascia. Assured p.c.b. is correct
for the model and s\n. Put original board back,display back to normal and the original problem still there. Any ideas of how to get around this problem?
Hi if you have error code F09 this means the control board hasn't been programmed up. Did you buy a brand new one or was it a refurbished board? Were abouts did you buy the board from?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Brand-new board fitted and purchased from Gillman`s Appliances, Gloucester City.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How can the board be reprogrammed?
Ok that's the problem. Brand new boards are all blank. They have to be programmed up with the programming kit. Now for you to do this is going to be very expensive. As you need to buy the card reader and then the correct smart card to be able to program the board up. Now Hotpoint are the worst for this as they sell them but don't actually tell you its blank. To get the programming kit the smart card reader is about £115 click here for the card reader then you need to buy the smart card which is about £30 and is a one hit card so if you get it wrong you need to get another one.Now the cheapest option here is to get Hotpoint in to fix it on there fixed price repair for £110 all in. For this they will replace the board and program it with there laptop. So if you are able to return the board and get a refund then go the Hotpoint way as for £110 they will fix it. As from what you say every thing is ok and you have replaced the door lock and pressure switch so its more then likely the control board at fault here. Sorry its not good news here but unless you buy the programming kit you are unable to program the control board up here. If you need anymore info just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks for your advise, I now know card readers are available. In the past new boards have always been o.k..Will investigate further regarding the card reader and `smart cards`.Again, many thanks.
No worries your very welcome. Have a look on Ebay and see if you can find a second hand reader on there. Then if you do and you want the correct smart card let me know and I will get the correct part number for you on this.
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Just a though as well. There is a company out there that sell refurbished board that come programmed up ready to fit so worth checking them out as well. Click here for the website