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How to replace a dt 1012 progamer

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how to replace a dt 1012 progamer
Hi Can you post the model number of the washer please. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Danial.The model No. is Zanuzzi WD 1012.Regards.
Hi To remove the dial you need to look at the part you hold to turn and look on the outer edge of that part and you will see a notch there.Push the dial in and at the same time you need to use a small thin screwdiver and push the notch in and at the same time turn the dial anti clockwise and then the dial cap will come off. Once you have this off you will see a nut in the centre of the white barrel on the timer. Use a 7mm socket set and remove that nut.Then you can remove the barrel. From there look at the underside and there should be loads of teeth under there. If they have all broken off then you need to replace the barrel.Then look inside were the barrel goes and in there you will see the cam. Its either green yellow or blue from memory. Again check the teeth on there and see if they are fine. If they have broken in there then you need to remove the complete timer to access this.But hopefully its just the barrel thats the fault here and replacing this will cure it. Try that and see how it goes and let me know. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Daniel.I did send a message asking for more information regarding how to get the part at the back, where all the teeth are broken,
it is a round drum like cylinder that is on a square key on the shaft, does this broken part come out with the programmer?It would appear that I must have sent the last message to one of your other email addresses, I am 83yrs old and I have to feel
my way around the computer.I have been very pleased with your service up to now, and I will fill in the report on completion .Regards Derek.
Hi Your first reply didnt come through im afraid. But as to removeing the cam what you need to do is pull the washer out and remove the top.There you will see the timer so make sure its unplugged.Then remove the barrel at the front of the timer and then you will see the cam.Turn this and you will see 2 screws through the holes.Undo the screws and then you can release the timer from insideThen you should be able to remove the cam from there.Im afraid its not an easy thing to do as its very trickey an tight to access this. I was just hopeing it was the barrel as this can be changed without stripping the controls down.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Daniel.Thank you for your last message, I think my machine is one of the older ones and the barrel is combined with the camb
and it appears that to replace that is a major job that I don't think I could tackle. However I find that by turning the programme
dial I can still use the washer.I thank you for having the patients to deal with me and my problems, I will rate your service as EXCELLENT.Regards.