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In removing my Bosch classix dishwasher from under the counter,

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In removing my Bosch classix dishwasher from under the counter, the power lead/integral suppression unit fell out (the wiring was not long enough) and the spade connectors disconnected. I can reconnect earth live and neutral the right way around on the suppression unit - but the earth lead has also pulled off another terminal inside the machine
I have the top and right hand side off and I can see the pump motor (which has already an earth connected) and a multi-connected unit that appears to be valves or similar. One of the sensor/actuators on that unit has two unused spade terminals - might that be where the "extra" earth needs to go ?
Hi Can you post the full model number of the dishwasher please. Its usually etched into the door frame on the top left corner as you open it and starts E-nr Also are you able to post a picture of the back of the dishwasher with the mains filter out? Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Its E-Nr is SGS55CO2GB/01, FD8512files attached are a photo through the side and from the rear (though all you can see is the suppressor)
Thanks for that. I think the earth wire thats loose is from the heater. Looking at the internal picture just below the earth wire thats loose is a purple wire going from the heater tag to the microswitch in the center of the heater cover. Looking just above that purple wire is a tag. The wires are covering it on the picture but that should be the earth tag for the heater which should be were that earth wire goes to. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Should the heater look like this then (I have reconnected it) ?
Yep thats it thats how the heater should be so you will be fine from there with the earth wires now.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.