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Light bulb in lower oven of my Neff cooker failed. No problem

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Light bulb in lower oven of my Neff cooker failed. No problem removing dud bulb but I did notice the bulb had a small, 4 threads long, piece of over-thread (for want of a technical name) on it. But when I tried to screw new bulb in I couldn't engage with the holder. I tried with and without the extra piece of threaded metal but still no success. As a test I then replaced same bulb in upper oven without extra metal and had no problem. Can you advise please, for although I am 84 I still do not need to spend £50 to £100 getting someone to change a light bulb.
Yours, Ron Carden
Hi Can you post the model number please of the oven. Also the new bulb you have is this the one you have fitted into the top oven with no problem? Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
U14M6280gb/01 fd 9006 000091
Yes to question re bulb
Thanks for that but could you just double check that model number please as its not comming up.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
E-Nr U14M6280gb/01 FD 9006 000091
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hope you got that! E Nr U14M6280GB/01 FD 9006 000091
Ive got it now i think. The model number is ***** U14M62S0GB/01 incase you need it again. Its an S were you put the 8 as thats the only number that came close. But anyway as to the fault is the extra piece of metal round and can it screw onto the new bulb? I dont suppose you can post a picture of the part you have on here can you?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes , the extra piece fits perfectly over the bulb's thread - so would increase diameter of thread slightly but only for part of bulb's length as the extra piece is only about 25% of bulb's thread length. It can be wound up and down bulb thread quite easily so appears made for it. Sorry, do not have means of photo.
Dont worry about the picture as i know what part it is now. The metal piece actually fits in the lamp holder first.Make sure the oven power is turned off and then with your fingers you need to try and screw this metal piece in were the bulb goes in the holder.As this will screw in just like the bulb does. Once thats in you should be able to then screw the bulb in place from there. As what that metal piece does is allows the smaller threaded bulb fit in the holder.If for some reason you cannot fit that metal piece then if you get another bulb with a bigger screw end that will then fit in there as well. So try the above and see what happens and let me know.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for that info. which I fully understand. I have just had a quick try but being a COPD sufferer I quickly run out of breath in the position necessary, so I will have further attempt in tomorrows daylight and, if necessary, get some neighbour to assist. I am very grateful indeed for your help but at least I now know what has to be done.
Regards, ***** *****
Your very welcome Ron. Hopefully you will sort it, Im sure of it. If you get stuck you can still get back to me on this even after rating the answer so that isnt a problem. Regards
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