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Michael, I'm having same issue as satisfied customer 8238

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Hi Michael, I'm having same issue as satisfied customer 8238 in that my dishwasher remains hot ( steam hot) for hours after the cycle has finished. Lights appear to indicate the cycle has ended but the heat will remain until the power switch is turned off.
Hi This is a control board fault here in the door panel. If you remove the outer door panel and then the plastic control panel and there you will see the main control board on the left hand side.You need to replace this and then from there that will cure the fault. Ive replaced loads of these in the past for the same fault you have here as what will have happened is the heater relay on there will have failed and stuck on which is keeping the heater on when it shouldnt. Replace the main control board and that will cure the fault from there. If you need anymore info just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, by outer door panel do you mean the stainless steel panel on the inside of the door which is held in place by a ring of cross head screws? Is there anything on inside that will snag or make it difficult to remove?
It's not that inner stainless steel door it's outter metal part which is on the outside of the door.
You need to remove the wooden decor door
Then from there just remove the plastic control panel at the top of the door. Hopefully with just this removed you should be able to access the control board there without removing the door panel.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi your description of access is not as accurate as I would have expected from someone who has done loads of these! I have removed the outer decorative door and there is not an access panel in sight. Is this perhaps a model you are unfamiliar with? With the outer door removed I am confronted with a metal panel. The top half of the panel is plastic but cannot be removed without removing the screws on the inside of the door which secure the outer to the stainless steel inner. Please advise. I am able to provide photos if this will help.
Ok the top half of the panel that you see is plastic. This is the control panel that i reffer to. You need to remove the screws on the inside of the main inner door to remove the panel. So pull the door down and remove all the screws on inside that holds the panel on then you can remove the plastic control panel from there.I didnt explane how to remove the plastic control panel as i thought you whould have seen how it was held on. Im sorry for not saying how to remove the panel so from now on i will explane in more detail for you. Once thats off you will seee the main control board from there on the left hand side of the panel. You need to remove the screws holding this on and then take a picture of the wiring on the board so you know how it goes back.Then you need to disconnect the wires that you can. Then the ones that are tight to remove you need to remove the plastic casing on the board to remove the board from there. Then you can swap it over from there. If you get stuck then just get back to me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok. Thanks. The replacement board should arrive tomorrow, sand mi will get back in touch then if I have any problems.
No worries thats fine.
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