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My trusty gas Potterton Neataheat 16-22 Mk 2 F boiler is answering

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My trusty gas Potterton Neataheat 16-22 Mk 2 F boiler is answering demand, purging, clicking in, pilot lights, burner fires up completely, all blue, 2 seconds later burner shuts down. Pilot light stays lit, 'Click', fires up, 2 secs, shuts down, same process over and over.
What is the problem please?
Hi , change the spark generator. When the pilot has lit, the spark generator senses a change in resistance due to the presence of thepilot flame, and the spark is cut off, although the system is still energised so that if the flame should go out, the pilot would thenautomatically relight.The boiler is not sensing the flame us lit. This used to be done with a thermocouple, but your boiler now uses the spark generator probe go do it. Please ensure to rate your answer. Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
HiCustomerthe problem doesn't appear to be with the spark generator, it's been checked out and is working fine, the spark in not being continuously generated as it would be if the resistance change were not being detected and the spark cut off.
The PCB has also been checked through and there are no faults within it. Do you have any other idea as to what might be causing the problem?Many thanks....
Hi , could be the temperature thermostats/stats. If one is registering the boiler as up to temperature it would shut down. Relatively cheap . Would be worth replacing flow and return . They can be tested on ohms. You are looking for a big change of ohms on temperature change
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
HiCustomerI'll check it out.Many thanks....
Your welcome. All the best
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
HiCustomer you were spot on, the spark generator was OK but the thin lead that runs from it had a break in it that was causing an intermittent breakdown. No wonder we couldn't find it! Your diagnosis led to the lead being checked out and the fault being found. Toasty in here again.......many thanks..........
Your welcome, that's great news