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We recently rented a house months which had a Bosch

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Hi, we recently rented a house for 12 months which had a Bosch integrated fridge freezer model KIV38X22GB. From the start an throughout the tenancy, the freezer compartment would periodically develop a wall of ice over the drawers. We contacted the Bosch helpline and, after describing the problem, they advised that it was likely a problem with ventilation, the result of it being installed incorrectly. We dealt with it by regularly defrosting the appliance, according to the manual. We moved out last week and when the landlord visited the property, he reported that there was damage to the fridge freezer, as the freezer had 'dropped' or 'shifted' creating a gap between the freezer and fridge and the freezer door will not close properly. I contacted the Bosch helpline again and they advised it was likely due to the weight of the ice which built up due to the incorrect installation which eventually weighted the freezer down. However, the landlord is blaming us, saying that we defrosted it wrongly and it was the excess water which caused the door to 'bow and buckle' Please could you offer any advice on this? We understand that there should have been a vent in the plinth to aid ventilation, which there was not.
OK I am a fridge engineer that works on built in units on a daily basis. the biggest cause of a build up of ice on the front draws as mentioned is the incorrect installation of the wooden facia door. As a result of the incorrect installation a gap is left between the actual appliance freezer door seal and the appliance cabinet. As the air pressure inside the appliance is lower than the pressure outside this causes moisture laden air to be 'sucked' into the freezer where the moisture condenses out and forms a wall of ice which slowly gets thicker as the time passes. Eventually causing the door to remain open constantly. Regarding the ventilation this plays little part in your problem but as you rightly say should have been fitted. The easy way to check (if you still have access) is to undo the wooden doors/take them off. If the appliance doors then shut normally the problem is with the kitchen cabinet door fitting. I have offered you a phone call if you would like to have a conversation but from my 25 years in this business Bosch dont make appliances that have ill fitting doors - kitchen fitters however have the ability to screw up a good design. - Ian
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your reply. That all makes sense and, yes, there was an existing gap between the freezer door and the cupboard door when we moved in and, as I said, the freezer froze up from the start and throughout the time we lived there. Could you comment on the freezer unit shifting or dropping? Have you seen the photos I attached?
Give me a couple of hours and I will give you a call - I'm out on the road but will be back at about 5-30pm
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi there, I suspect you were busy the other day and unable to get back to me. It appears that now we have established that the integrated fridge freezer was installed incorrectly, the landlord has shifted his focus for deposit deductions to the washing machine. He has had a contractor out who has stated that the machine has a collapsed main bearing. The washer is four years old but the landlord is demanding a deduction of £793.99 for a brand new machine. We have sought advice from two local repair services who have stated that bearings wear out over time (or from overloading the machine, which we didnt but obviously this is hard for us to prove.) As opposed to the phone call we paid for, would it be possible for you to comment on this issue? Many thanks, Kerry
Sorry it is very busy at the moment and I apologise for not getting back to you. With regard to this - bearings on all washing machines wear out over time as already indicated by others within the industry. As a landlord myself there is an amount that you can deduct for 'wear and tear' usually over a six year period. To take you to task over this is just plain wrong as in theory he has already recouped three quarters of it cost during its lifetime. If you give me the FD number that is on the label I can give you the exact age. ~ Give me your phone number and I will call you now as it didnt appear on the screen when you accepted the offer of a phone call. Candidly this landlord is just trying it on, I would politely tell him that if he doesn't return your full deposit you will be putting it in the hand of your solicitor.