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I currently have a Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Professional 110v drill

Customer Question

I currently have a Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Professional 110v drill that has packed up & cant find them anywhere
is the Bosch GBH2-28DV 110v drill the same standard as the above one or which one would you recommend to replace my existing drill please
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 1 year ago.
The DFV is still available just google it its available. But to answer your question --The DV has a fixed SDS chuck, which obviously only takes appropriate drills and accessories. Yes, you CAN get a quick release chuck and SDS adapter, but would you really want to? You wouldn't save a penny, and the extra adapter & chuck sticking out the end would be a P.I.T.A.The DFV has 2 chucks, the aforementioned SDS and a standard two-handed QR type for parallel and hex shanked drills & accessories. The main diff. is that the chucks are interchangeable, just like on the GBH3 & 4, some of the 2's, and the GBH36 VF-Li. This makes the drill much more versatile, as it becomes more of a "one tool" solution to most of your drilling needs. One caveat, however, is that there's additional length in the chuck arrangement, which at least in my own experience with the 3, 4 and 36 leads to extra concentric runout, making the tools less useful for precision work, such as in a drill press. Having said that, these tools aren't really designed for precision work anyway, but more for speed, power and efficiency. Their limited top speed and weight makes the less useful for small diameter drilling.For masonry drilling, chiselling, chasing and high torque use of augers and 100mm+ holesaws, they are just about unequalled in efficiency and versatility. The GBH4, in particular, is my daily user for these roles.Why not give Toolstop a try? I've found them a model of courtesy and efficiency in UK retailer - Ian