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My Bosch Classixx dryer has no heat and when you put

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Hello, my Bosch Classixx dryer has no heat and when you put the programme on it works for a few minutes, but with no heat and then it beeps and the top and bot***** *****ghts on the programme run flash. Is it an easy fix or a new thermostat?!
Thank you for any advice you can give!
Hi Can you post the model number of the dryer please. If you open the door its usually on a sticker on there and starts E-nr Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
E-Nr.WTE84105GB/27 FD 9012 202220
Thanks for that. What you need to do on this is remove the buldge cover on the back of the dryer and from there you will see the heater.On the top of the heater you will see the thermostats. Have a look on there and see if theres a red button on one of them. If so press this and if it clicks then the thermostat has just reset so retry the dryer and see how it goes from there. But if theres no red button on the thermostat as not all models have it then you need a multi meter to test this. Check the thermostat for contonuilty and see if its faulty. Also you will see the heater as well there. Test this with you meter and see if faulty as if it is then the heater will need to be replaced as this comes as a complete unit with the thermostats attached on it. So check the above first and see what you find. If you need anymore info just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay..... You know I am just an ordinary person, right? So what I need to know is....where do I buy/find a star key (is that what they're called?) to get the back off please?!
The screws are called torx and you can pick them up from the likes of B&Q or pound shops as they sell screwdriver sets that have them in there. Dont worry i know your an ordinary person looking to fix this. So restting the thermostat will be easy if it has one. Just remember to unplug the dryer first. But as to testing the heater and thermostats this will need a multi meter and you will need to be able to use one to test this. Now i dont know if you have one or are able to use one so if you do then you will be fine testing it. If you dont have one and dont know how to use it then if its not the thermostat then you will be best to get someone in to check it for you rather then just replace the heater and see as the heater is about £70 roughly
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sadly no red button!
Thats sods law your model doesnt have it. You will need a multi meter to test the thermostat on the left as this is just a thermostat. But the one on the right is a thermistor which when tested with a multi meter will give a high resistance reading. But only a multi meter will tell you if its faulty. But on this model theres only 2 things that will cause this and thats the heater unit or the control board. Now most of the time its the heater unit that causes the fault as it comes complete with the thermostats and thermistor attached to it already. So its up to yourself if you want to take the gamble and repalce the heater without testing if you dont have a multi meter.
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