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I have a Baumatic BDI631 dishwasher. It starts the cycle and

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I have a Baumatic BDI631 dishwasher. It starts the cycle and fills with water.mmit won't stop filling until the error for 'water filling taking longer than expected' kicks in. I have tried the water feed and waste feed and that is OK. I can't see a float valve....
Hi If the water is entering ok and its actually putting too much water in before the error code comes up then its the pressure switch under there not switching over to tell the control board its filled with water. What you need to do is pull the dishwasher out and remove both side panels.From there locate the pressure switch. Its round and will have a few wires on there and a thin hose. Remove the hose and then blow hard through it as this will clear the pressure chamber and hose.Then blow up the switch and make sure it clicks as you blow up it. Once you have done that refit the hose to the pressure switch and retry it and see how it goes from there with the filling up and let me know. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, so I found it and blew down it. Lots of water came out, but not all (I could still hear bubbles). I cleared both valves (they clicked). Reassembled everything and switched on.Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Still keeps filling up with water.
Ok if its still filling all the time and the pressure chamber is clear then its either the pressure switch or the control board. Did you blow up the pressure switch to see if it clicks? If it did click then its more then likely ok. If no clicks at all then the pressure switch is faulty. But if the pressure switch is fine and its just filling all the time then its looking like a faulty control unit here. Also just a thought as well, the drain hose were does this go? Make sure its either in a stand pipe about half the height of the dishwasher or under a sink.As if the hose is too low to the floor then what happens as the water fills inside the dishwasher gravity drains it out at the same time as the hose is too low down. Lift the hose up and and see how it goes from there.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok- I may have made a mistake... I forgot to put the top back on the salt container (not sure if that makes a difference). Going to knock off for tonight and try again tomorrow.I did blow up the pressure valves (2 of them, right) and they clicked.Pressure chamber sounded like it still had some liquid in it. When I blew I could hear bubbles but couldn't force any more liquid out.
Ok if the pressure switchs clicked then thats normal.As to the water and bubbles again thats normal and means its clear so thats fine. Leaving the salt cap off wont make much difference as all it will do is fill that with water which is more then likely full already so dont worry about that.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks- I'm going to look again at the hose tomorrow. If it is control board is that an easy switch?
Yes its an easy swap but its weather its worth it as they can be quite expensive for control boards and not to be rude but Baumatic isnt the best make as they have gone bust and been taken over by Hoover now. But this dishwasher is a chinesse built brand which is mass produced in china and used by a few different brands like Kenwood, Bush, Swan and the cheaper brands. So sometimes it may be better to put the money towards a new dishwasher but thats up to yourself.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not quite done yet. I have cleared everything (or so I thought). It now stopped filling, but won't drain. I think some of the "gunk" in the bottom must have blocked it as I cleared the base tray. Need to do more work on it - but may be weekend. I will rate, don't worry
No worries thats fine. If its now not draining then you need to remove the pump from underneath and check in there for any blockages and make sure the pump impeller turns ok.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's all back in place and part way through the first cycle, so it looks like it is sorted! Thank you.