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johnnn40, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  service and repair of home and commercial appliances
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Dear Sirs I have an NN-E279WM BPQ Microwave.This has done

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Dear Sirs
I have an NN-E279WM BPQ Microwave.This has done excellent service but alas last night
the food and plastic tray caught fire.Cooking instructions were carried out but the length
of time was incorrectly set.Food and tray caught fire!I turned the appliance off at the
mains but did NOT OPEN the door.
The appliance does not respond to any instructions which is not surprising.
1.Can the appliance be repaired?I think not.I am already in contact with my retailer in
2.In your opinion,The door or hinges not being damaged,Would I have been vulnerable to
any harmful rays?I believe it would have been self-contained.This might be an unfair
question but I think rays go vertically.I feel no ill effects!
That said I am about to order a new one but I would like reassurance!
James Brise 01997 466 211
The microwaves bounces around inside the oven cavity, like bullets in a tank. They have the physical size of a pencil, and they are stopped from getting out by the metal perforated sheet you can see if you look closely through the door window. They can't escape due to any rubber or plastic damage render to the oven. No worries about microwave ovens, but beware too much cell phone use, which puts microwaves directly into your ear. Not too much is said about that, but you might want to Google cell phone radiation for more information.Using the expert's rating scale, found at the top of your screen, please click the star that expresses your satisfaction with my answer. I'm not paid, until you rate my service. Thank you for choosing JustAnswer.
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