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I have a brand new Miele T4819 C and it will not dry my

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I have a brand new Miele T4819 C and it will not dry my clothes! I have been drying a load of towels for the last 24 hours and it continually switches to the 'cooling down' cycle within minutes of me turning on the dryer (and it won't stop beeping during this cycle!) and the towels are not even close to being dry. I have reprogrammed all the settings to get the 'driest' settings and nothing is working! Help!

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will assist you today.

Though the unit is brand new, I would first start by emptying the condensed water tank, then suggest you check and clean all the filters, this is described on pages 40-46 of the manual.

Once this has been completed I would check their is sufficient air flow around the unit to make sure its not overheating (though it should give you a warning if it does overheat\not get enough air flow).

Then its a case of looking at the indicators on the display are there any indicators shown on the display other than which programme has been enabled?

I would suggest you look to enable a basic drying programme called "warm air", set it for 30 minutes, and see if the programme completes or it goes straight into cooling after a few minutes. If it does, this would suggest a sensor fault and I would based on the age of the unit look for them to do a swap out.

Please let me know how you get on


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James
You were spot on! I had a serviceman out today and my brand new dryer had a sensor fault with the circuit board. I never would have thought that I would need a serviceman on day one of owning a new dryer so assumed it must be something I was doing wrong. Thank you for your very helpful advice.
Kind regards