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What does the 'inlet drain' light mean and is it a

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What does the 'inlet drain' light mean and is it a complicated or expensive fault to fix? My dishwasher model G 975 SC Plus is about 10 years old!

Hello, my name is George,

Can you tell me if:

  1. the appliance has water in the tub?
  2. the appliance drains when requested to do so?
  3. the appliance is operating normally otherwise?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
water in the bottom.
I've cleaned the obvious places and checked the drain hose has no 'kinks' in it (although I have not disconnected the hose yet!).
I mopped out the water and re-started a programme. Machine appears to be working but again, stops with water in the bottom and won't drain. Probably also worth mentioning that the vent on the front door has been leaking water and the machine has been making funny squeaky type noises for a while....

Can you tell me how long it operates before the light comes on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Quick...10 mins? Do you want me to mop out the water and try again

Then if you cancel the program, does the appliance drain out?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

The light means then that the Drain Pump is unable to work or unable to work effectively...

You say that you have cleaned the obvious places; I assume then that you have checked the filter... however, what you can't see, as it is in the base of the appliance, is the drain pump... I would suggest (going off what you have said) that either the pump has failed or, the pump has something jammed in it that is preventing the impeller from rotating in order to expel water.

I would suggest not attempting this yourself, but to call someone in to do it, as the relatively inexpensive repair job could become very expensive if you make a mistake.

If the pump needs replacing then you are looking at around £80 + labour.. but, it may be a piece of crockery or glass that is just preventing it from working.

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