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I have a caravan fridge by electrolux rm4230, i've had

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i have a caravan fridge by electrolux rm4230, i've had electrolux fridges in caravans and campers before but they didn't have a small black fan attached to the grill, I've been running the appliances to test them as I have bought this caravan recently, the fridge cools well on both gas and 220 but no sign of the fan i found coming on. Actually yesterday I tested the fridge on gas and it cooled down well and quickly and I left it run on for a few hours then when I went in to the caravan later i smelled a strong kinda plastic smell so as the fridge was the only thing on I opened the top grill first to find there is a small fan attached and I figured that the smell might be coming from the fan not coming on to do it's job......this is a German built caravan and does not have a leisure battery, it has a I'm not clear how when running the fridge on gas without electricity the fan could come on............any advice

OK I have been looking at the diagrams for this but whilst it does show a fan it is not very specific about where it it connected but it would seem that whilst you unit runs through a charger this powers the main pcb which has a tap off for a small fan that is controlled by a thermostat - the part number for the fan kit is(###) ###-####whilst the thermostat is(###) ###-#### I think its a case of taking the unit out and checking for burnt plastic.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** help if I sent you a picture of where the fan is attached and the little circuit board that it's connected to, it might help me understand a little more as well before I go disconnecting stuff. I'd say I'll manage the fan re-install but do you know where the thermostat is and it's really hard to find stuff here where best to order them from...........Eamonn

As the item is so old I too have struggled to find any information about the fridge. I attach the diagram supplied by Electrolux which is from the micro fische so at least 20 years old. The parts can be obtained from this link - -- that is all I can find for the moment but I will continue to see what I can find for you. In the meantime would you kindly rate the information given sofar by selecting from the star rating system at the top of the page, once done all further information requests are free of charge. Thanks for using JA and have a good evening - Ian

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can I ask, the front panel on this fridge has a little square glass like button that can be pressed in and out, what does it do. I have had 4/5 campers and never had one of these on a control panel, just the regular knobs and controls........