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Siemans fridge freezer ENRKA62DA71 GB02 FD9202001205 Ice

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Siemans fridge freezer ENRKA62DA71 GB02 FD9202001205 Ice dispenser flap motor keeps on running flap keeps opening and closing. how do i stop it


Is it just the flap only thats opening and closing?

Its not trying to dispense the ice as well is it?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No its not trying to dispense ice. I have run the diagnostic tool by pressing select and options buttons for 5 seconds. it ran through its program and came up with no errors. But if I press the ice dispenser again the flap keeps opening and closing until you turn it off for 5 mins and rerun the diagnostic tool. the problem with that is the flap stays in the open position. I have stuffed a tea towel down the shute to stop cold air escaping
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have also turned the ice maker off inside the ice compartment. but if you touch the ice dispenser button the flap keeps opening and closing.

Ok as this is a full electronic appliance and its not dispensing the ice then its a control board. Now theres 2 boards in there you have the one on the freezer door and one on the top which is the main power board.

The board is sending a feed to the flap to keep it opening and closing all the time.

Now its more then likely the top power board thats the fault as this is the one the controls the flap as the one on the door is just a selector which tells the main board what to do.

Im afraid this is looking like the power board is the fault here. As if it was the switch for the ice then you will find it will be dispensing the ice rather then just opening and closing the flap.

Sorry its not looking like good news here.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks for trying. I have managed to stop it for now I will call a Technician out next week to sort it. Sorry I will only be able to rate you as OK hope it dosnt take your average down to much.