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I usually keep the Bosch refrigerator on number 3 but

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I usually keep the Bosch refrigerator on number 3 but recently the dial got moved to 5 in mistake. Everything froze. I put it back to 3 and since then have had a chemical smell which is nothing to do with old food or unclean shelves. Is this possibly caused by a Freon escape?


Can you post the model number please.

Also has the fridge started to loose it cooling?

Is the smell oilly?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The Bosch model is KURI5444GB/01 other numbers on label FD 8405 000395
Class SN.N
Storage volume 141
The cooling system came on as I had the door open to look at the info. The cooling doesn't seem to be a problem.
The smell has been quite sharp and chemical (?) for 2 days but wasn't very strong when I just opened the door. (Isn't that typical?!) Possibly it will be stronger following a cooling spell.

Ok as you say the cooling is fine then i dont thing a gas escape will the issue here. As if it was then you will loose the cooling inside the fridge as its the gas being pumped around the system that does the cooling in there.

So see how it goes but if the cooling is fine inside there then it wont be the gas thats the smell in there.

But what can happen on these built in appliances is the condenser fan can fail under there and this causes the compressor and condenser to get too hot and can give off a bit of a smell.

Or you can get a build up of muck in the drip tray at the back near the compressor and this gives off the smell as well.

What you can try if you are able to is pull the appliance out from under the unit and give it a clear round the back. Check the drip tray and give this a clean as well.

Also while its out check the condenser fan and see if its running. Now you can check this without pulling it out as listen very carefully at the bottom and see if you can hear it running as well as the compressor.

Try that and see what happens but from what you say i dont think the smell you have is gas as if it was then the fridge wont be cold at all so you can rule the gas leak out on this.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I will do as you suggest, but will probably have to get a neighbour to help me pull the fridge out. I can't do that until tomorrow. Can I report back to you then please?

No worries thats fine. And yes you can report back any time once you have checked it as thats not a problem.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately my refrigerator is built in and there is no way I can move it to check it out. My son in law is coming near the end of July so maybe he will be able to help me.