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Hoover frost free fridge freezer. fridge iced over and at

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hoover frost free fridge freezer. fridge iced over and at -15oc

The fridge should be around 3-5 degrees.

If its getting to the same temperature as the freezer -15, this would suggest a thermostat fault.

First I would suggest you check the fridge-freezer isnt on deep freeze and the control knob inside the fridge is set to 2 or 3.
If this is the case I would start off by doing a defrost and clear all ice and moisture from the fridge compartment which a towel or cloth, then turn it back on and leave the door closed for 2 hours. If the fridge goes below 2 degrees this would point to a thermostat fault, which can be purchased for around £15 from here. However is very difficult to fit, so would suggest calling out an engineer.
With regard to the frosting, this is most likely being caused by the fridge getting to cold and being open frequently so the defrost function not being able to cope with the massive temperature differential.

Please let me know how you get on, and if you need anything clarified.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

hi there, the freezer is cold -30oc bet not overfrosting. the fan runs ok. i feel that the compressor and gas are ok. this machine has a pcb thermostat. is this what you mean. also the machine has a fridge prob and one in the freezer.

I wouldnt worry about why the fridge frosts but the freezer doesnt since the fridge is frosting as it is too cold, and with less insulation than the freezer, in addition to the door being opened more often than the freezer the cool air is condensing to fast for the defrost feature to work in the fridge.

The fault must be in the control which is calling for coolant to be applied to the fridge, -30 is too low for a domestic freezer, and -15 is too cold for a fridge.

I would start with getting an engineer to check the thermistor (probe) for both fridge and freezer with a multi meter, but my initial thought is its the fridge thermostat at fault (probe or pcb)

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

hi there. i do have the ability to repair this but can you please tell me how to test the thermisters with a multi meter.

It depends on the specific thermistor, the manufacturers dont give specifics at component level just part numbers, so first thing is you need to trace the probe back to the PCB.
Then disconnect it, normally they have a 2 pin plug, you take the prob from the multi meter (getting the polarity shouldnt cause any issue but check the readings both ways around) and do a continuity test with the meter on ohms.
Depending on the type of thermistor they will increase resistance as it gets colder, or decrease resistance as it gets colder, what I would do is with the meter attached apply hot rag over the sensor and see if the resistance changes, you may have to reapply it a few times, but within a minute you should see the resistance change significantly.
If it does this shows a fault with the thermistor, once you know its faulty and if its set with high resistance you can prove its at fault by putting a jumper across the the PCB terminals at which point the fridge should stop applying coolant to the fridge and ti should increase in temp. If on the other hand the thermistor is showing low resistance then just leaving the plug disconnected the fridge should also warm up.
Assuming this test proves successful its just a case of order the replacement probe I provided earlier.

Sorry I cant tell you which type of thermistor they use, thats why its a case of using reason.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

thanks a lot for you time. i have tested the fridge probe. i have disconnected the probe from the pcb and started up the freezer. the probe has reduced in resistance as it is cooling down. i will need to try it again on friday.

I would look to defrost the fridge, what are you using to cool the probe?

The fact your seeing resistance drop as its getting cold, my suggestion would short out the terminals on the PCB and this should tell the fridge to stop cooling, and you should start to see the fridge return to a normal temperature.

However the fact the probe is changing with temperature it suggests its working, so it could be a PCB fault, but shorting the terminal should prove this. Assuming your confident you have the right probe as there are two in the fridge one for defrost and the other for temp control.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

hi there, i started the fridge freezer from scratch. with the meter set at 20k ohms. i unplugged the sensor from the pcb and had the terms outside the closed door. it started at 2.82. then 3.29. later it was at 3.63 with the freezer at -15 and fridge at +15, then 3.91 with fridge at +12 and freezer at -20 then 4.35 with fridge at +9 and freezer at -30. this has been over 3 hours. the fridge does not seem to be getting any colder. the 2 light are also flashing.

The lights will be flashing as it is expecting to see some current flow, as clearly the probes arent open circuit when they hit freezing.

To my mind this is looking like a PCB fault, since you have proven the probes are changing the resistance based on temp.

The fact the temp has also remained static at +9 I think is most likely due to the differential from the freezer compartment radiating to the fridge to cool it slightly.

Looking online the cheapest I have seen the PCB is here for under £50, the average price seems to be over £80 from espares such as the one here.

Please let me know if you need anything clarified.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

thanks for your time again. finally. i have put the probe back in and the fridge temp is going right down again. so this should be the board.

Agreed, please let me know if you require any further assistance.

I would appreciate if you could rate the service received this week.

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