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My wife's Hotpoint open space oven does not evenly I have

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My wife's Hotpoint open space oven does not cook evenly I have checked that it is level and that is fine, she has just cooked two sponge cakes on the same shelf one was perfect the other perfect on one half but the other did not rise as much so the cake has a sloping top, any suggestions please.


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question. Please could you send me the model number of the cooker?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Our model number is *****

Thank you for your reply.

What setting was the cake cooked on. Were you using the fan oven? MY thoughts are that maybe the element is not working correctly causing a hot side and a cold side.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We were using the extra large space at temp 160C with the fan setting universal function we had the dripping pan on the bottom position and a rack shelf in position 3 on which we placed the two sponge trays side by side each containing approx the same amount of cake mixture from the same batch. The left hand tray cooked perfectly whereas the right hand one was cooked perfect on the left but the right hand side did not rise properly but it was burnt.

Hi Keith,

Thank you for the reply. Does the door seal look in good condition? How old is the cooker? I am wondering if the door seal is not sealing correctly on the one side causing the heat to escape. I have never come across and element that is hotter on one side that the other, does not mean to say it is not possible. To replace the element is normally a straight forward job but I am unsure if that is the problem at the moment. Normally when elements break they stop working and give out no heat.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry for the delay in replying, bit of a busy day.
The oven was installed in August 2011, I have looked at the door seal it seems in good condition and with the fan turned on there is no hot air coming out around the door other than via the vents at the top.

Hi Keith,

If the door seal seems ok. I suspect it is element related, The element is not too expensive nor is it to difficult to replace. I suspect that sometime soon the element will give up and will need replacing. To be honest I would wait until it breaks before replacing it.

I assume you have no trouble before with the cooker?

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