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Wonder if you can help me with a Bosch fridge freezer

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Hi there.
Wonder if you can help me with a Bosch fridge freezer 'problem'.
Model is KGU34640GB/03
Problem is the compressor is running most of the time - except when the defrost cycle is running. Fridge is controlling at roughly the correct temp (setting is 4 deg C) but the freezer doesn't seem to be controlling at the set temp (currently set at -16 deg C). The freezer compartment is running at about -24 deg C which may be the max limit?
So the refrigeration circuit is working and working effectively but it may be the control system that is at fault ?
I'm thinking it's either the control panel of the freezer thermistor but no way of checking either. Was going to take a punt and change the thermistor.
Any help or comments appreciated.

Hi Colin, what happens if you raise the temp in the fridge?

Does that lessen the amount of time the compressor runs? Also will the temp go up then as well?


Tech Michael

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Michael.
The fridge temp seems to control correctly ie increases with the changing set point (moved it from +4 to +8 deg briefly) but makes little or no difference to the compressor run time. In addition, the freezer fan seems to run all the time the compressor is running where as the fridge fan does stop.

Hi thanks Colin,

the freezer fan should run all the time the compressor is running.

You can try replacing the thermistor as that can cause this problem because it tells the main control board what to do;-)

Also it's an inexpensive part.

If that doesn't do the trick, the next thing would be the main control board:-( That is a bit pricey.

The best place to get that thermistor would be:

I would call them to order this part so they ship it out today;-)

Please call: 0844(###) ###-####a href="" target="_blank">Home » Parts » Kitchen Spares » Fridges & Freezers » Bosch

In any case, I will stick with you until this is complete.

Please rate my service kindly.

Also it is the only way I am credited for my time and expertise with you.

Once you rate, I will be notified and will add your question to my priority list so you can reach me anytime until this problem is solved.

Then you can reach me by simply replying to this message anytime.

Thank you and have a great day Colin!


Tech Michael


Tech Michael

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Michael.
Before I go ahead and replace the freezer thermistor, can you tell me.....
On this model, is there an actuated flap or diverter that directs the cold air coming off the evaporator to either the fridge or recirculate within the freezer OR as I suspect, is the airflow directed only by running the appropriate compartment fan ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi yes there is, its a servo controlled electric motor that controls the amt of cold air from the freezer. It is controlled by the main board and the main board tells it what to do based on the thermistor info;-)

Please rate kindly so I can remain with you until we are sure this solves the issue.

Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Got it. Well that side of the control system seems to be working because the fridge is controlling roughly at temp.
I think we are agreed that it seems to be the freezer that's causing the compressor and freezer fan to run too much and the fact that it's sitting at about -24 instead of the set -16.
I'll change the freezer thermistor and let you know...... somehow ?
Thanks for the advice and info.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Michael,Still waiting for the freezer thermistor to be delivered.Will let you know if it cures the problemRegards,

Hey, Colin, thanks please keep me posted Im with you until we solve this;-)

Have a great weekend.

Tech Michael