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I need help with removing the fascia on a Belling range oven

Customer Question

I need help with removing the fascia on a Belling range oven for cleaning/respray, plus a couple of other deep clean related issues.
Oven: Belling Kensington 90DF satin steel range oven
Year of Purchase: 2007
Serial Number: 404
Model Number: Cannot see this anywhere. However, I googled the appliance Under the Oven description above and it appears to be identical to a model that comes up on Amazon from 2009. Hopefully, this will help.I am in the process of giving the oven a through deep clean whilst also trying to remove the surface rust on the outer satin steel doors and dial fascia.This seems to be going well...I have now taken off the doors, separated the inner and outer fascias and thoroughly cleaned. The door fronts have gone off to a specialist paintsprayer to be resprayed.However, I have now got stuck on a couple of issues:1) Oven door glass: I can't seem to remove the glass section to clean between the two glass panels which are quite dirty inside. The online manual suggests that the glass slides out but I can't see how this is possible? In fact, even when I've taken the obvious screws out, it seems to be sealed tight. I don't know where the original seals have glued the glass in place...? It's not budging. I can provide photos if this helps.2) Fascia plate with knobs/dials. This has also rusted in places and has scorch marks. I want to take it off to really clean it and possibly have this resprayed in a high heat paint as well. However, although I've moved obvious screws from the front and side, it has loosened along the top but seems to be firmly secure along the bottom. What else do I need to remove to get it off?3) Internal door insulation pads. During cleaning, some of these have got wet and crushed, where can I obtain new insulation pads? It seems to be some kind of layered fibre covered in aluminium foil...I have been answered by one expert so far, who has asked for the mode number. I haven't had any further response even though I have asked "are you still there?" "-) I am very reluctant to spend another £13.00 on top of the sum already spent when I still haven't got any close to getting an answer...I would like to believe this system works as I've just signed up for the monthly service but my faith is being put to th test. Hopefully, someone will respond?Many thanks,Lara
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 1 year ago.

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