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My zanussi freezer zuf-105w. The freezer door had been left

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My zanussi freezer zuf-105w.
The freezer door had been left open for a few hours and then it could not regain tempature so it was turned of at the mains and the thermostat set to 0 and left for 24 hours.
Next day after emptying the evaporation tray the freezer when operating regained and held tempature even though the audible alarm & light operated on two occasions.
Now even though holding tempature the power light,the fast freeze light & the alarm light/audible alarm flash simultainously on occasion.
I have removed the inner rear cover & polystyrene cover to reveal the fan and the grill like mechanical ' thing '
This grill has ice beginning to form on it even though the freezer has been operating just a few hours after the initial 24 defrost.
I think this cannot be right?
The auto defrost should prevent this from happening?
Is this the reason why the power light,fast freeze light and alarm are flasing simultainously although the freezer is holding tempature?


So are the lights flashing all the time or is it just now and then they flash?

Does the temperture seem to be holding as it should be?

Also as to the ice on the evaporator this is normal as they start to frost over as soon as the compressor kicks in as its the gas being pumped round so frosting starting to form around the evaporaor this quick is normal as if it wasnt then there wont be any cooling in there.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The temperature is holding well although the light for the power (green) fast freeze (yellow) and alarm (red) flash simultaneously twice today 16/07 several hours apart although the freezer is maintaining temperature.
There are only a few items of goods in the freezer drawers so not even close to full load.
when I silence the alarm the lights continue to flash and when I reduce the thermostat to ' 0 ' which is effectively turning the freezer of then return it to -16 the power light remains lit but the fast freeze and alarm light turn of (behave)

Ok if the lights are flashing like that then its either the defrost heater, wiring connections for the heater or the control board at fault here.

To test the defrost heater you need to access the inside of the freezer again and there you will see the defrost heater wrapped around the evaporator. Follow the wires to the top and then you need a multi meter to test the heater. Its around 500 ohms roughly. If faulty then you need to replace the heater.

But if the heater and the wiring connections are fine then the control board at the top will be the fault. Now for this the board will need to be replaced but these are now a conversion boards so you need to alter the wiring as well. It will come with full instructions and wiring. So just be aware the boards are not a direct replacement but a conversion now.

So check the heater and wiring first and see what you find. If you need anymore info just get back to me.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
many thanks and I explained this to the other half and she wants a new freezer!
wont let me loose on anything electrical and was very reluctant to allow me to remove the inner rear panel initially.
thank you.