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We have a newly installed gas hob with electric oven. My

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We have a newly installed gas hob with electric oven. My question refers to the oven. Reference ZOB343X, Prod No###-##-####01. The light comes on when you set the clock, in fact as soon as you press the time button. It then stays on the whole time, even when the knob on the right is set to '0', which should mean 'appliance is Off'. Turning that knob to the setting that is supposed to mean 'light on without any cooking occurring' there is no change. If you then set an ordinary timer to countdown to 0, the light will switch off when the timer hits 0 and starts to beep. It will then switch on again as soon as you press the button to terminate the beeping. I am 48 years old, have lived in quite a number of different houses with very similar ovens, and am thus not unfamiliar with oven operations from a user standpoint. The builder is insisting this oven has been correctly installed and I should check the manual. I have done so. It does not contradict me. There is nothing out of the ordinary or surprising in there, no curious combination of buttons that miraculously disables the light while setting the clock... My feeling is that the light has somehow been cross-wired to the timer but as a non-expert I don't know what to say to pinpoint the problem for him.


Just to double check the fault with you is it as soon as you set the timer the light inside the oven comes on even though you have the oven switch turned to off?

If so then have you tried to use the oven still to see if it work and the fan comes on and it gets hot when turned to oven setting?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That is it in a nutshell. The oven works as normal as far as I can tell.

Ok this will be either a fault selector switch or a wiring fault in there.

As the light shouldnt come on when you set the timer. As the light only comes on when you turn the oven selector switch. So as you have the light comming on even when the switch is set to off then its either a fault on the switch itself or the light is wiried wrong which can happen on a brand new appliance as ive seen it before myself.

As its new then just get onto Zanussi or the retailer you got it from and they will call out and fix it for you.

If you need anymore info just get back to me.


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