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II have a Rangemaster RSXS661GB/C side-by-side American

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II have a Rangemaster RSXS661GB/C side-by-side American style fridge freezer - it was in the house when we moved in a year ago. The water dispenser has never worked and finally got around to investigating.
The water-valve solenoid measures ~1.5kohms (normal) although there is zero volts when water is called for. All four electrical connections for the water valves plug into a socket in the "roof" of the condenser compartment at the bottom rear of the appliance. This is located close to the drain pipe from the freezer evaporator and it looks as though some water has got to the connector plug / socket and caused corrosion to the extent that one of the pins is now gone. The socket looks like it is pushed through a square hole and potentially surrounded in white sealing mastic. My question:
Is there any way to replace this socket (or get access to it from the base of the freezer evaporator).
Any advice appreciated and I can get photographs if it helps.
I'm sorry to say the answer is no. The wiring blocks on these are internal wiring. There no way you can get at the wiring from inside as its a complete sealed unit.And you cannot cut into it as the pipe work runs though it and you could damage a pipe.It's not often we see this were the wiring blocks corrode but when it happens I'm afraid there's nothing you can do on it as there's just no access to he internal wiring. It's a case of exchanging the appliance for use as we see them under warranty and the insurance company's just replace them.Sorry it's not the answer you wanted to hear.Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
OK, I thought that might be the case! Is there any way to route another wire and splice (or am I clutching at straws!).
The wiring runs up the liner to the control board on the top. So you may be able run the wire external up the back.
This is something I've never done but you would need to find the correct wire at the top to be able to do this.
That's just a thought for you and you would need to insulate the wire and tape it up out the way.But the hard part for that is finding the correct wire at the top as the wires can come out of the cavity in a different part of the block and can be a different colour as wellI'm sorry but I think your clutching at straws on this one.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
OK thanks Daniel T. I will maybe have a look at the control board and see if it's feasible although agree that a wire taped down the outside of the appliance is not ideal. I guess I could find the correct wire by calling for water and seeing which one goes live - anyway, I will sleep on it and decide in the morning.I assume that the space between the outer shell and internal liner is filled with expanded foam or some other form of insulation which is what makes it inaccessible.
the space between internal liner is the insulation. This keeps the cold inside the freezer. As if you start cutting into that this is when you get problems with the insulation and have condensation forming on the outside panels and it starts leaking water. So that's another reason not to cut into the liner.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HI Daniel,I had a look in the box containing the controller PCB and was able to locate the wire (the colour was the same would you believe and it was labelled on the PCB as "Wat - V"). On reflection, I have decided not to attempt this "frig" and will live without the water feature. The fridge is 2008 vintage so I guess well outside any warrenty as it would appear to be a manufacturing fault (or at least that's my view :-).Many thanks for your advice which is spot on!!Kind regards,Kerr