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We have a Siemens 'American-style' fridge freezer

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We have a Siemens 'American-style' fridge freezer (KA58NA40GB), & recently noticed some frost accumulation in the middle of the freezer compartment. Finally managed to trace the problem to the ice chute, after discovering that the flapper had come adrift from its arm. There is no damage to the arm or the flapper. Cured the frosting by wedging the flapper back in the chute, but need to clip it back onto the arm before we can use the ice dispenser again. I think this might be fairly straightforward, but need your advice on how to remove the control panel fascia & the control panel itself. Is the fascia held with plastic lugs, & if so how many? I'm guessing the control panel either just slots in, or is held in with a couple of screws. Hopefully, behind that I should have easy access to the flapper mechanism? Would very much appreciate your advice on this. Thanks!


If you look at the front control panel there you will see the drip tray there.

Lift this up and see if theres 2 screws there.

Let me know what you see.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HiHave already checked that out. There are no screws under the drip tray. I need to be certain that the fascia on this model is designed to be popped-off to access the control panel module (as opposed to stripping the door down). If it is not, then I could do some expensive damage in the process.

Yes the door frame is designed to come off.

If theres no screws under the drip tray then the outer frame is clipped into the door panel.

If you look under the frame on the left hand side on some models theres a small hole. Insert a small screwdriver in there and push the tab and you should be able to pull the frame away from the door from there.

The frame is made to be removed from there. You dont need to strip the complete door down to get behind there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just back from work. Have checked your suggestion. and yes there is a slot in the bottom left of frame. Pushed a screwdriver blade in and there is a click & some give, but no obvious release. Will try to find a thin blade to apply some leverage between the frame and the door. The frame seems to be slightly recessed in the door, which makes it a bit trickier. Assuming I get this part of the frame free, will there be a few more tabs that I need to find in order to fully release it? Going to leave it for now & have another go tomorrow. Thanks

Once you release it from the bottom the rest should pull off easy from there then. Its just starting it off thats tight at first.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Job now done, flapper re-attached to solenoid arm & everything working as it should. There were 16 tabs to undo & they put up quite a fight, tho' none were damaged. Dropped a star as I think it would be good practice to routinely remind clients about to embark on a repair like this to isolate the unit from the mains before starting. I know it's common sense, but there'll always be someone!