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Re: Creda 46196 double oven. Lighting for temperature

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re: Creda 46196 double oven. Lighting for temperature settings does not go on but clock and thermostat lighting does work. What do I need to do and how do you get the oven out to do this?


When you say the light for the temperture setting isnt working but the thermostat light works are you talking about 2 different lights?

Is the oven still working and getting hot?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Both ovens work but have to use a torch to set the temperature. The orange/green lights indicating whether or not the ovens are up to temperature do work. The ovens do get hot and the fan works in bottom oven.

Strangely, if the under lighting of wall units momentarily flicker so do the temperature setting lights on the oven.

The oven has its own cut out switch and the under cupboard light has its own plug and 13 amp socket.

John B (a professional electrical engineer)

Can you double check the model number please as its not comming up on the system.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Rating plate states Creda 48196. My fault giving wrong model No.

I now know how to get oven out. It is on an assembly with four adjustable feet. A laminate floor butts up aganst the front feet so will have to chisel access to these shorten them and lift onto laminate flooring such that oven should pull out and if necessary shorten back feet.

John B

Sorry for the delay, Was just having my dinner.

Thanks for the model number ive got it now. On this model theres a fluorescent light strip that sits in the panel which lights it up.

Thats whats going to be the issue here. Its either the tube itself or the starter. Most of the time its the tube.

What you need to do is remove the oven from under the unit. As its a built in double oven then it will be standing on the floor as you have seen.

Theres also usually a few screws either side of the oven when you open the doors holding it to the cabinets as well.

As you have the floor right up against the oven then try and lower the feet and see if it gives a bit of room to slide over the floor. But is not then you will need to get the flooring up infront of the oven to get it out. As the base the oven sits on is a complete unit of the oven so will come out in 1 piece.

Once you have the oven out you need to remove the top panel and then you can access it all from there behind the panel. Remove the tube and check the ends and you will probberly find its blown at the ends so will need a new fluorescent light strip ordering for it.

Click here for the tube if you want to get it online

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