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I have a Beko AA 6Kg washing machine which has stopped on"

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I have a Beko AA 6Kg washing machine which has stopped on " Spin End " but there is still water in the machine and the door will not open. Please let me know what is wrong and if it can be fixed !

Good afternoon,

This can certainly be fixed, firstly try and put it on a drain, or spin cycle and see if it will complete and if the door unlocks.

If there is still water in the machine, there could be a few causes. The obvious is blocked filter or waste pipe, if you need instructions for checking the filter please let me know, but note when you remove it all the water in the washing machine will come out so have a bowl ready.

If after you have cleaned the filter and check the waste pipe, and putting it on a rinse and it still not draining, its time to get someone out to look at it, at which case let me know your postcode and I can recommend somone in your area.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your reply. I have tried to get it moving but there is no response from the machine, just a grating noise. I have tried to locate the filter without success, so your pointing me in the right direction would be helpful.

No problem, what is the model of BEKO washer you have, as each has its own 'nack'.

By in large the filter is hidden behind a panel on the bottom of the washer.

Start by switching the appliance off at the wall.

Next remove the filter cap, this may be one piece and just placing your hands either side and pulling forward should free it or if the bottom has a small compartment look to see if there is somewhere to press or insert a flat object (eg screwdriver in) to pull it away. Once remove this should show a large plug, there may be a small hose to the side if there is pull it out and place it in the bowel then remove the rubber bung, this should allow you to drain water into a bowel, if you cant see it, it means you just need to be ready with the bowel and towels as you remove the filter.

As you unscrew the plug (anti clockwise) capture any water with a towel or small container, then pull it right out and give it a wash, clean inside the filter compartment and see if you can see any items which may block the impeller. Next replace the filter and secure it by turning it clockwise, then start a rinse rinse cycle and see if the fault reoccurs.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I managed to drain the water and found the filter which has now been cleaned. The machine now seems to be working so thank you very much for your help ! Excellent service.

Great your back working again, its advisable to clean the filter every few months, it will save you on a repair bill later on down the line.

I would appreciate of you can rate the service using the starts below so I may close the case.


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