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I have an old Potterton Myson gas boiler/fire serial no.

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I have an old Potterton Myson gas boiler/fire serial no. ALMW(###) ###-####and would like to replace the coals. Are spares still available?

Its unlikely you will be able to get replacement parts for the fire as Potterton have outsourced the manufacture of parts 2-3 times in the last 15 years alone, that said there maybe generic coals which can be used.

The serial number isnt coming up in the Potterton database, on the data plaque, is there a Gas Council code, or model number shown?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
GC 37 590 38(? the 8) with Illusion 2
GC 37 590 32 with Presence 2
GC 37 590 36 (?the 6) with Knightsbridge

Ok, so we need to know which of the three you have, attached are images of the three models, appreciate Knighstbridge and Presence 2 look the same, the key difference is the Presence 2 hasnt got a bevelled edge around the outside.

However from taking a brief look I think you may struggle to find replacement coals, but will only know for sure once I go back with exact model \ gas code to the suppliers.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Definitely the Illusion 2 model

I have spoken to Potterton technical services, they have identified the part numbers apparently the coals are numbered for a complete set you need 360/2040, 360/2041, 360/2042, 360/2043, 360/2044, 360/2045, 360/2046, and 360/2047.

They have suggested as the parts appear to be obsolete, if they arent cracked\damaged and just lost there colour your best bet is to spray them with something like the product here, which you can pick up from your local plumb centre.

So unfortunately though I have managed to trace down the part numbers, it doesnt look like you will be able to get new coals.

Please let me know if you need anything clarified.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James
Thank you
The problem is that the main block underneath at the back has crumbled so it no longer supports the loose 'round' coals properly. I guess there is no market in reclaimed gas fires (to buy simply for the coals)?

From talking to the technical team in Potterton who have been very helpful, the coals are purpose made for that fire, some fires you can use generic coals so even if you found another Potterton you would probably find they wouldnt fit, and cause issues when it came to fitting them due to the amount of CO2 given off, or overheating etc.

For a high energy appliance, which has fire safety consequences I think you will struggle to find anything which would give you peace of mind.

However in terms of after market, you could try some of your yellow pages for local firms who repair gas fires in your area, as the engineers may collect dead \ end of life units, and do them up. I have all sorts of valves and elements I have collected over the years so there maybe someone locally who has what you need, but dont know of any online aftermarket re-sellers.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James
Thanks, you've done your best on this problem
Given that the fire is old and obsolete, it is as I feared, I shall need to splash out on a totally new one
Time to wrap up our conversation and give you 5 stars