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Electrolux halogen cooker tripping main breaker

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electrolux halogen cooker tripping main breaker

I see you have already performed some fault finding, can you advise what you have done to test the switch selector, thermostat and grill element.

With regard to the circuit breaker tripping, is this on a RCD and if so does the RCD trip as well? This will help determine if its a earth leaking issue or a short.

To confirm this fault only occurs when the halogen element is used for cooking?

The most likely cause will be the element, as its heating up its creating a short and then tripping the fuse, these type of faults are very difficult to test as you are reliant on testing the element almost imminently after it has tripped to see if its a short circuit.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.

hi there. i have only done visual inspection of the parts on this machine. this fault only happens on the grill element use which is not halogen. at first it would happen as soon as the selector was changed. now it will heat for 30 mins or so and then trip at some point. please note that this fault has been happening for 3 weeks.

In terms of time benefit, I would order a new element for £20 from espares, strip the unit down, check all the terminals on the element are fine, swap the element over and then test it again and see if it trips the MCB.


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