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Can, I have just installed a crx50. It all runs great but

Hi can, I have just... Show More
Hi can, I have just installed a crx50. It all runs great but after the van sitting for 10 the compressor light turns orange and I get one red flashing light. Can you change the battery protection level?? I read that I can set it to low as I have a second battery!
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The battery protection level is an old feature, your model has a two stage battery protection so there isnt a way to set the voltage level and which point the fridge turns off.

It sounds like your not using leisure batteries as this would result in a rapid voltage drop and hence why you are seeing the red light flashing after 10 minutes.



Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I am using a leisure battery! I have now charged it and it is running for now! I done the same last night and this morning it was at 11.9v and the fridge wasn't running! At what voltage should the protection kick in at? I have it all wired up through the mps35 part for 12/240v automatic switch all via a 15amp fuse. This has been done by a auto electrician!

Cut-off voltage is 10.4, to initially start it requires 11.7V, so even at 11.9 it should be running.

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
thats it cut out already! Will it do this when the fridge is at the required temp?? It keeps coming on and the light turns blue. Then it goes off and it's back to orange and the red service light flashes one blink every 5 seconds! When it kicks in the voltage meter drops to 11.9 then back to 12.5 once it goes off!

The voltage will drop when its under load, might be worth trying both batteries in series and running it on 24V, and seeing what happens then. It sounds like the batteries are just not heavy duty enough for the current its pulling (15A).

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Ye was my thinking to!! Might just add a extra battery! Only just converted the van so it's a bit of trial and error for now!! Thanks for your help!