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I have an AEG-Elektrolux dishwasher, PNC01. It does not heat

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Hi. I have an AEG-Elektrolux dishwasher, PNC###-##-####01. It does not heat he water. I have googled a bit, and so far doen the following:
- opened it up to view the circuit board. It looked good, with no signs of loose pins/burn marks on the relay. I still re-soldered it.
- Flipped the machine over, and accessed the heater. All connections looked good, and resistance measured @ 24Ohm or so.
Now I am out of ideas, unless it could be a thermostat or similar that does not work?
Assistant: Thank you. Can you provide any more details to help us find you the right Expert?
Customer: Hi. What further detials do you need? I did quote the PNC and the fault..
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
After having done the above, I put it together for testing: I opened the door severa ltimes during the wash cycle, and the air inside seemed slightly warm, however the water was cold throughout the washing cycle.


Lets see what the error code is stored in there.

Open the door and look at the row of buttons and number then from left to right with 1 on the left.

Turn the dishwasher off.

Press and hold button 1 and 3 and keep them held in.

With them held in turn the dishwasher on.

After a few seconds the leds on the top will light up. When they do let go of the buttons.

Wait about 5 seconds then press button 1 once.

Now it will show the error code.

Let me know the code and then turn the dishwasher off.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Daniel
Thanks; I got a comma (could be a lowercase 'i'), a lowercase 'd' and an 'O' (or a zero '0'). It looks like this: ,dO
The button light and display was blinking
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I took a picture of the error code as well - see attached

Thanks for that. The error code is id0

I had a feeling you will get that if the heater and control board is fine.

Belive it or not this is more then likely the wash motor at fault. As on this motor it has a tacho. If the tacho on there goes open circuit then the motor washes at full speed and this skips the heat phase out so thats why its not heating the water up.

What you need to do is access the right hand side of the dishwasher and remove the right hand side panel.

There you will see the wash motor. On there you will see the wiring blocks. Disconnect the motor and there you should see 2 wires going to the back of the motor. I think there yellow from memory.

Test the them for contonuity and see if its faulty. If so then you need to replace the wash motor on this and that will then cure the fault and get it heating again.

Ive seen this fault quite a lot and given the error code it will be the wash motor at fault. Yes it doesnt sound right for a motor to cause a heating fault but when the tacho fails as i said it washes at full speed so it skips the heat phase out.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Daniel
I just measured over the two yellow wires:
5.5k Ohm / 4.5k Ohm, open / closed connector resp. What would be normal?

The tacho on the motor is roughly around 210 Ohms so if your getting 5.5K ohms then its way out of range.

To be honest i think every time ive have the id0 error code its always been the motor itself at fault causing the problem. The service manual does state it could also be a triac on the control board for the motor but ive never had to replace a control board for the fault before as its always been the motor at fault.

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