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Both ovens were being used on high settings yesterday

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Both ovens were being used on high settings yesterday evening, and at one point, after the top oven door had been opened whilst the oven was still on, a pungent non-food smell was emitted, and shortly afterwards everything cut out. When left to cool fully, an F8 fault showed (along with the up arrow that indicates top over) and nothing works beyond the clock. Left off all night at the wall, the fault showed again this morning when switched on. I've pulled the oven out, and there is no sign of any issue, nor is there any sign within the oven or with any visible aspect of it. There have been no previous issues with this oven, and no hints of problems coming - the oven is 5 years old, but only installed and first used 2 years ago. I need to know what this might be, and realistically, whether it can be repaired for under about £150. If not, I may as well replace it, as I am looking to sell my property right now, and don't want to invest heavily. If it can be fixed easily/cheaply, great!

Can you tell me the PNC / Product Code from the label by the door of the appliance please Tom

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sure - it's###-##-####

Thanks Tom,

F8 is "No connection between power electronics and input electronics - Check connection line - replace electronic systems if necessary"

This could be the board, or simply a burned wire.

Opening the oven for inspection of the wiring, and checking the electronics for damage is needed Tom.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
that's what I found from an online search - but given the fact that the display etc works, what's the most likely thing I need to look for, and which panel(s) do I need to remove to check, do you think?

I'm just having a look at the circuit diagrams Tom

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks! By the way, the smell could not be traced to any particular area - it definitely wasn't from within the oven cavities - for what it's worth!

Hi Tom,

Looking at the service manual for that PNC there are many versions of the powerboards, so what and where to look would depend on the board that is installed.

Nevertheless, have a look at the cabling between the user interface (Buttons & Clock), and the powerboard.

Also check for bad smells coming from the relays at the rear of the cock/user interface

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
OK - I'll have a go at this shortly (need to wait for my extra pair of hands to return - I can't manoeuvre it alone!) so if I go silent for a bit, that's why - I'll come back to you in a bit. Thanks!

I may be out.. but leave me a message

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
OK, top panels removed, and the problem is obvious! Photos attached. So, I think the remaining questions are (1) is the part (presumably the whole electronic panel) available and how much, and (2) how much do you reckon someone will want to fit it?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi again. An extensive search online suggests the power board has been discontinued for some time :-( so I assume the rest is futile?

Sorry to hear that Tom

It is possible that the board can be repaired.. It looks from the photo like it is just the capacitor and the resister.. If so, they can be replaced.

If you wish to try find the board elsewhere, or try find a secondhand board, the part number is(###) ###-####and it is an OVC2000 power board

It looks like Ransom Spares have it in stock; although double-check before you purchase it.

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