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Monday the RCD for the ground floor appliances and lights

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Monday the RCD for the ground floor appliances and lights stated tripping every few minutes for an hour or so then all okay.
Electrician attended and said the RCD was faulty and unable to cope with grid changes.
RCD started tripping for much longer today every minute or so. Isolating various facilities at the fuse box made no difference.
New electrician attended said the first one was talking rubbish and tested circuits and identified a fault with the cooker hood. Stripped it out, cleaned and checked but found nothing obvious and everything worked with the RCD switched back on but the RCD tripped every few minutes. Switched off the cooker hood at the main switch bank and all is okay, except no cooker hood.
Am I right in thinking that i's not the cooker hood at fault but the switch on the kitchen appliance bank?

Firstly I would concur with the second electrician, the fault doesnt sound related to an RCD, and the first electrician should have been able to identify the faulty circuit with a few simple tests, the grid wouldnt cause nuisance tripping of an RCD \ RCBO.

The nuisance tripping is unlikely to be due to a switch as the role of a RCD is looking at 'earth leakage', so something looks to be allowing the electrical current travel to earth.

I would be looking at the electrician to isolate the circuit leaving the switch bank to the cooker hood, then performing a earth leakage test, if this fails I would then work towards the hood from there. Based on experience I would say its most likely to be the hood at fault.



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