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I have a concerning problem with my Candy fridge/freezer.

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I have a concerning problem with my Candy fridge/freezer. Saturday evening I  noticed as I opened the freezer door, noticed the bottom  rubber seal of it's door was warm, the metal of the casing where the‎ rubber came into contact with the metal of the unit. Sunday morning it was cool, and Sunday evening it had warmed up, this morning it was still warm, as it is this afternoon. I decided to move the plug as it was inaccessible, behind the unit, if I had to switch it off and if there is an emergency. The motor was going, and when I plugged it back in where I wanted it to be, the motor didn't come on. The metal cooked down. I left it switched on and as I continued with my jobs it started up after about 20 mins !!
I am concerned, is this a fire hazard? Will it deteriorate, and should I stop using it? I bought it from a second hand white goods dealer in my local city, not brand new.
Thanks in anticipation
Craig Jenkinson (email:***@******.***)

Good afternoon,

To clarify the rubber door seal is worn, if this is the case it will need replaced. You can buy replacement door seals here, if you dont change the door seal you will start to find the fridge freezer is overworked to keep it cool, which costs more to run it, increases the amount of frost in the freezer and generally not a good idea to leave.

With regard to the warm of the fridge, this is most likely heat transfer from the compressor (motor), all electrical appliances pose some degree of fire hazard, since its not hot to touch, and assuming you have the correct fuse in the plug, I do not feel you have anything to worry about.

My suggestion would be change the door seal for around £30, ensure there is good ventilation at the back of the fridge for the heat from the radiator to escape from, and monitor it over a few weeks. If the fridge freezer doesnt get down to the correct temperature then I would have a re-think.



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