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Experience:  I have repaired and maintained numerous items over the years, from fridges to freezers, radios to TV's.
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We have a fridge freezer ZNB404W model purchased in 2008 and

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we have a fridge freezer ZNB404W model purchased in 2008 and it has always been reliable with no problems at all. Recently we have been finding the fridge temperature fluctuating (some salad items freezing for example) but put that down to the excess heat this summer and us turning the temp down to compensate. We normally keep the fridge around 5 -8 degrees.
Yesterday we noticed it was just showing " - " in the fridge temperature LCD gauge and nothing we do will change it. The temperature has risen whereby the food has had to be removed. The freezer is working fine.

Good morning, my name is ***** ***** I will assist with your query today.

This sounds like a fridge thermostat fault, where the fridge is not able to accurately measure the temperature.

The fault presents itself as you described where there is a big variance in temperature to start with, due to the thermostat no longer being calibrated, and then results in a total failure, where it can either call for coolant constantly or as in your case tell the fridge its cool enough and not need to be cooled.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the solution, given the age of the FF - is it feasible to repair /replace the parts quickly or just replace FF

Please give me a few minutes to look up the cost of the replacement part

Unfortunately it appears the part is obsolete, but what you need is a fridge temp sensor not a thermostat.

I will continue looking, as if I can source the parts it would be worth repairing as the parts less than £30.

Sorry to say after checking with a number of parts firms none of them have a compatible sensor for your FF, I have also checked with Zanussi spares directly and they dont have the part for sale, so it is looking like the FF is end of life and you will need to buy a replacement.



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