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We have a ZKC38310XK built in Microwave Oven, which is just

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We have a ZKC38310XK built in Microwave Oven, which is just over 3 years old.
It has developed a fault as follows. Sometimes when you go to use it the display is dead and nothing will work no matter what you do to the rotary controls. If you turn off the power supply off and on a few times it comes back on. You then set the temparature and select just oven and it starts and the fan runs and it heats up but then a few minutes later it stops and you find it is completely dead again.
I have checked the electrical supply connections and everything is fine.
It appears there is a fault with the Oven itself.

Good afternoon, my name is ***** ***** I will assist with your query today.

This sounds like a fault with the power regulator, which is responsible for taking the mains power, passing it through a circuit and then feeding the relevant circuits to power the microwave.

I have seen this alot, and is a reasonably common fault, due to the high current required for a microwave to function.

Before suggesting a replacement power board and looking up availability of parts, can you confirm that as part of checking the power supply you have inspected the microwave cable and there isnt any obvious damage to it and that when its working if you tap the plug it doesnt go off (just to rule out a cable or plug fault).

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks, ***** ***** you think ?

The parts do not appear to be readily available, for example the online store here only appears to have the high voltage side of the circuit.

Realistically I think it will probably be the capacitor or diode at fault, but with it being intermittent it can be a challenge to fault find. However as this is a high energy appliance I would certainly recommend using a service centre rather than attempt the repair yourself as your dealing with lethal voltage levels

The parts are likely to be around £30-60, depending on which part of the power circuit has failed, if you can provide your postcode I can give you a rough idea on labour charges


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James thanks for the email, I would point out that when this happens the microwave is not running as we only select the oven itself. I have checked all the plug/supply cable and there does not seem to be anything wrong externally of the unit. I suspected it could be a Service Centre issue or is it a job you think a mobile Engineer could tackle? We live near Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

A mobile engineer could repair the the microwave however this normally attracts a significant call out fee.

I would recommend using D.A.S they can come to site or you can drop it off to them, their number is ***** 301543, alternatively if your happy to drop it off you could use Stuart Wallace (01522 791496), however I know they have a a week backlog currently.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thats a big help thanks very much James, I will call D.A.S and organise when I can drop it off. 5 Star rating on its way...thanks again.