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I have a Bosch vacuum cleaner model GS50 - ProSilence 66.

The automatically retracting power lead... Show More

The automatically retracting power lead has become stuck! I have about 2 metres of cable extended but the rest is stuck fast inside the machine.
Are you able to suggest an action or method to release the rest - I can hardly vacuum around a room with so little of the flex.
Cheers, Linda
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Good morning Linda sorry for the delay in responding to your query.

The most likely cause is the flex has come off the drum inside the vacuum, in which case any motion pulling or winding in will not help.

To resolve the problem, remove the dust bin, unplug the vacuum, then remove the top cover which is secured by 5 philips head screws on the under side.

Once the cover has been removed you will see the flex entering the rear of the vacuum then on to a plastic wheel, from here you need to untangle the cable and guide it back out. All in all it should take you more than 20 minutes to take it apart free the cable, then put the cover back on.


Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Hi James
Just getting around to today's emails. Thanks for yours.Alas, I think you cannot have the model version of instructions as my machine. After switching off/unplugging, removing dust container etc.... I can see NO screws at all.Will send pics to assist...
2321 - top cover of vacuum with model info
2322 - cover open/dust cylinder remover ... seem to be 2 6-sided screws(?) fastenings
2323 - inside of lid ... 4 6-sided fastenings holding exterior decoration in place
2324 - underside/base of cleaner .... no screws at all visible. Bosch spec label.What are you able to suggest now, it seems highly unlikely that the entire machine is a sealed unit!Cheers, Linda
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
James,Eureka .... by fiddling around, tweaking, unscrewing and generally shifting the case when I could... I eventually got the top case separated from the base/motor unit and the power cable wheel.Have fully unwound the cable and I believe the wheel has freed up.Will now attempt to put everything back together and find correct places for the little p,attic odds n sods.Thanks for your input. Will take it from here and stand well back when I eventually plug the whole lot in again. Fingers crossed, eh?CheersLinda
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Can't add 4 stars? Can you? The star row is blanked out, as is the submission button!

Sorry for the delay in responding please try and rate me now.



Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
All done, and rated.Thanks