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My eight year old daughter fell onto the open Bosch

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My eight year old daughter fell onto the open Bosch SMS40T42UK Dishwasher door this afternoon - I ran a Quick cycle to see if it was still working (initially I was worried about the hinge) but, after appearing to work ok, after over 2.5 hours it is still running (light is on Drying) but I can still hear water spraying intermittently. I'm assuming therefore that is it broken - what can I do?


Are you able to stop it and reset the cycle?

Also are you looking at fixing this yourself?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have stopped it with on/off button but I don't know how to reset the cycle. Unless it is very simple I will not be able to fix it myself.Thanks, Lisa

To reset it all you need to do is turn it back on and then press and hold the start button for about 3 seconds and this will reset the control board.

Then once its reset you can retry a cycle. Try a qucik wash again and see what happens.

But if it stops again and the door seems fine and it is starting a cycle but not stopping then its possibley a faulty control board as the control board is in the door frame so that could have got damaged.

But once its reset just retry a quick wash and see what happens and let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok - I've re-set and turned it back on for a quick wash. It sounded normal and appeared to start as usual but now it seems to have stopped and the Wash light is flashing on and off but there is no noise. I don't ever watch the machine when it's working so I don't know if this is ever part of the cycle? I doubt it somehow...

No thats not normal as from memory on these the light should be soild and you should hear the noises from it like it filling with water and washing.

As its not doing this then theres something wrong with it and theres a good chance it could be the control board in the door im afraid.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If I call out a 'normal' dishwasher/washing machine repair person/engineer is it the sort of thing they could deal with or does the control board - as an electrical/digital unit - a completely different kettle of fish? I don't want to pay a call out fee if it's not something that can be mended. The dishwasher is unfortunately only about 1.5 years old so it wasn't on its last legs. My last Bosch lasted 10 years! Since it was an accident not malfunction I don't suppose that I can get in touch with ***** ***** - they gave me a 2 year guarantee on the product?

Yes thats who you need to call out is a normal washer/dishwasher engineer.

But as you say its only 1.5 years old then its still under warrenty. As all Bosch appliances come with a minimum 2 year warrenty so just give Bosch a ring on 0344(###) ###-####and they will call out and fix it for you.

Just dont tell them that someone fell on the door as they may not cover it if they know so if the door doesnt look damaged just dont say anything about that.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, Daniel, thanks for your help and advice.Regards, Lisa