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Dales-Electronic, Home Appliance Technician
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Got a 2015 Hotpoint BHWM1292 in January 2015. Washing

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Got a 2015 Hotpoint BHWM1292 in January 2015. Washing performance has been very poor in that it does not remove mud from trousers (golfer) even on a 90 degree wash. Also, we are now experiencing heavy limescale contamination on washed clothes - we've done several applications of limescale remover and used white vinegar but the problem just gets worse. Just been on with who are refusing to repair it because they have diagnosed a bearing fault and it is too expensive to do on their fixed price £119 repair.
Hope you can help
John Price

OK lets see if we can make some progress here - I'm not surprised that KnowHow declined the repair as the appliance has a sealed tub (meaning you cannot change the bearings you have to change the complete tub assembly) which would cost you £189 for the tub alone and then you would have to pay labour on top plus VAT. With regard to the wash performance, the problem is that to actually clean dirty clothes satisfactorily you have to force water through the fabric ~ the detergent then lifts or desolves the grime and keeps it in suspension in the water which is then pumped out. On these low water content washing machines there is not enough water to cause this to happen so you get left with half clean laundry. I had to buy my wife a washing machine with a adjustable water level facility for this very reason. By coincidence it was a Creda (same company) My suggestion to you whilst not what you want to hear is to run this one into the ground and then replace it with a suitable replacement.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What about the limescale problem?

I would doubt that you have a limescale problem with an 18 month old appliance, much more likely to be a problem with a build up of undesolved washing powder/detergent. I would not expect to get a scalling problem on an appliance less than 5 years old.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Had a visit from a Hotpoint engineer who did not find any internal build up of undesolved material. He fitted a new door seal which was black in places but not the cause of our problem. As you said, there was no limescale building up on the element. However, we have done 2 washes since and the problem continued with deposits on the laundry. I have attached 2 photos - one for each wash. Maybe the Curry's bearing diagnosis is correct?

Do you use the low temperature washes most of the time?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We have mostly but following advice from the engineer we are leaving the temperature dial on 90 as was the case for the washes in the 2 photos. Don't know if we have a case under the sale of goods act as not fit for purpose?

OK getting late now, if you come back to me tomorrow I will explain things. In the meantime dont be doing any washes at 90C you will ruin your clothes.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello there
Sorry for the delay in responding but had a busy weekend. I'm planning on contacting Hotpoint tomorrow with a view to obtaining a replacement machine. Have you any advice in that direction please? Regards John

Hi John - Not a problem I took yesterday off too - if it were me I would be replacing it with a Bosch or Gorenje - the trick to purchasing another appliance is to look at the Labour guarantee (forget the parts warranty) if the labour warranty is long then the manufacturer expects the appliance to last, if only 12 months then not so long. Secondly see if you can find an appliance with replaceable bearings as many are not sealed units for cheaper production costs. (they dont want you repairing your machine, they want you to buy another)

Would you now kindly rate the information given sofar by selecting from the star rating system at the top of the page, thank you for using JA and do come back to me if you need further advice - Ian

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Ian - Just had another engineer visit. He Hiremoved a drum paddle to check for build up of whatever but reasonably clean. He said to give it a double blast of cleaner on 90 degrees programme 1 which is supposed to take 160 minutes. Don't know exactly how long it took but it had finished within 100 minutes. Just doing another wash of dark underpants on programme 1 to time it to the minute and noticed the water level is not visible at all although the clothes are wet. Wouldn't you expect to see water up to the door glass level? Thanks - John