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I have a Zanussi Euro Kera Cooker Model: ZCC6656W Type:

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I have a Zanussi Euro Kera Cooker Model: ZCC6656W
Type: KIJJE0A02A
Serial no. 049 00268
Product no.###-##-####
It has five wires in the cable coming out the back that are: Brown, Blue, Green / Yellow, Black, and Grey. I have a three wire wall socket. How do I wire it into the wall? Can I combine the wires somehow?

This doesnt appear to be a UK appliance, however a 5 core cable would suggest its a extreamly high energy current requiring 3 phases.

In most cases the Brown would be live, blue common\neutral, yellow\green is earth.

A grey and black would typically be seen as L2 and L3, I would be reluctant to common them to that of brown, without understand the load required.

In the first instance I would terminate based on a 3 core Blue, Brown Green\Yellow, then put the black and grey on a terminal block not connected to anything.

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