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Beko eco wmb 81445 lw, bought new about 2 years ago. Has

Beko eco wmb 81445 lw... Show More
Beko eco wmb 81445 lw, bought new about 2 years ago.
Has developed a strange grumbling/strained sound when it is in wash rotation, sounds like motor.
All other rotation, rinse and spin seem to be ok.
Any ideas?
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It sounds like it could be the bearings, however it would be unlikely based on the age of the unit, as these dont normally go until the unit is older than 5 years.

Start by checking the inside of the drum encase a paper clip or something has go caught in the holes and making contact with the outer case.

The next step to diagnose the fault would be to take the rear panel off and inspect the pulley and check the tension is correct, I would then inspect the outer drum to see if there is any sign of abrasion.

Rotate the drum and check the motor isnt slipping or moving and secured in place.

Following that I would check the sump and pipes, to ensure there isnt anything causing contact.

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I read on some reviews that the older models had many problems with motor brushes but they changed to a brushless motor at some point, presumably a motor problem would be heard in all spin modes?
How would you tell which motor was installed without dismantling the unit?
I checked the drum for free play and was solid. The noise is only during the wash cycle, not rinse or spin so is there a circulating pump engaged during wash rotation that is not during rinse as the drum is rotating at same speed.

Unfortunately the only way to know is to call Bosch directly and provide your serial number, they can look up the specifics for your unit and advise if its brush-less or not, my suspicion is its probably not.

Good evening, I havent heard from you so wanted to follow up to see if you still require assistance for your query?

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
You still never answered the last part of my previous question so I assumed you didn't know.
Is there a circulating pump or similar that is activated during wash rotation only to cause the excess noise during that time?

The circulation pump should be engaged during rinse as well, all though for a fraction of the time than for a wash cycle.

To this end I do not think its the circulation pump, but can confirm one is fitted to your model, and should be located to the rear of the unit, so very easy to access and monitor if you do want to run it with the back panel off for piece of mind.

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
One final question, does the pump have a separate motor or is it run by a clutch? Do you have any diagrams of motors and circulation of machine for reference.

There will be two motors one for drain and one for circulation.

Unfortunately Beko do not make their exploded parts diagrams and fault finding charts public, so cant send on the manual, as the information in the manual I have is copyrighted

Some times if you contact Beko parts directly they will send you a PDF of the part, to help you check your ordering the right part, their number is 0845(###) ###-####/strong>