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My Potterton EP2002 has partly broken down. It is now jammed

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My Potterton EP2002 has partly broken down. It is now jammed into heating up the water whether or not I want it to, so :
1 If I want the central heating on , I now must have the water heated at the same time.
2 I have to cut the electric power off at the wall, or the water is constantly heated.
Question1: Is the best course of action to buy the EP2 programmer and install that? Is that the correct replacement?
Question2: Who should put in the replacement? An electrician? A central heating engineer? Me? I cannot see a way to remove the EP2002 from the wall.

Good evening William,

Sorry for the delay in responding, firstly it sounds like you have correctly identified its the programmer at fault (not the boiler).

There isnt a direct replacement for the EP2002, so you will need to change the back plate, which means to swap the programmer over you need to terminate the wires on the new back plate. The EP2 is sufficient for your needs, but you can chose any CH and HW programmer, you dont need to stick with a Potterton.

In terms of who can do the work, if its done professionally get somone who is PART P certified as per the IEE regulations, this could be an electrican or a CH plumber. However its not more complex than changing a plug socket, so if you are confident in being able to isolate the supply and terminate the wires, I see no reason why you cant do it yourself.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Question 3
Please confirm that the back plate is located on the reverse of a programmer and one replaces the existing faulty programmer with a new one?
Question 4
How does one remove the EP2002 programmer from the wall? Is it attached to the wall only by the electrical wires, or by screws or by some other means as well?

The back plate is the bracket which screws to the wall, and the terminals from the boiler connect to, the programmer clips on to the bracket and normally has a small screw or clip on the underside to secure it in place, with the screw removed or the latch depressed it should allow the bottom to pull out and upm and then the top lift off the bracket.

If you are replacing the programmer with another EP2002 you can just unclip the old programmer and clip the new one back on to the same back plate, however if you decide to use a different programmer eg EP2, you will need to replace the back plate as well.

Instructions for installing the back plate for the EP2 can be found here.

Please let me know if you have any further follow up questions.



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