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I have a Flavel FHLG51w Gas oven cooker, it has just had to

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I have a Flavel FHLG51w Gas oven cooker, it has just had to be capped off as it has failed the gas safety certificate on its operation -
when the oven is lit, it goes on to high flame and the control knob does not alter it - is this normal until it reaches the set point temperature to the thermostatically regulate the temperature?
The oven has barely been used and is like new, but I'm sure it's always done this, please advise

If the oven is set to high and left for 10 minutes until hot, then when you turn the temperature down the flames should drop to the bypass rate.

If this does not happen then the thermostat is faulty.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi thanks for replying. The gas man didn't leave it on more than a minute, as he was insisting the 1-9 scale on the dial should alter it straight away, but as they correspond to temperature in the hand book, surely this depends on the oven temperature.I'm sure from new it has always done this and once hot the flame reduces as set, but it's a while since I've used it as it's at a relatives house.
Basically he thinks it should work like a tap control as soon as lit, but I'm inclinde to think it's preheating to the desired temp?
It's now capped off so I can't even leave it on to try..
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Can you confirm that the control knob won't change the flame size until the oven is hot or is this a fault?

Correct, think of it like a thermostatic radiator valve.

When turned down from max and it has been on for 10 minutes then the flame size should drop if the thermostat was working correctly

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