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Where are the cooling lines in a ZRG16602WE fridge, I've

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where are the cooling lines in a ZRG16602WE fridge, I've bought one to use as a kegerator and need to drill a hole in the top and side

The cooling lines run along the back.

There are also wires going through the top and down the right hand side panel.

My suggestion would be to drill a large hole towards the top of the left hand panel and put everything through one large hole rather than create two smaller ones.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
My hole needs to be around 2 inches diameter in the top (centred left / right, towards the rear) and around 10mm in the back or left hand side, I had figured the cooling is mainly in the back as that's all that gets really cold, but would rather get confirmation than kill a fridge. What are the wires in the top for?, according to the manual the top removes to switch door opening.ThanksIan

There is a PCB in the roof which takes the input from the thermostat and controls the relay to the compressor.

Its not in the plastic lid which slides back and lifts off but within the front part of the fridge.

Should you need to make a hole in the top, I would make it towards the the rear left of centre with the opening facing you, its not a big hole 50mm so you should be ok, I suggest you use a hole saw for drilling the holes rather than a hand saw.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thanks I should be able to find the pcb if I remove the plastic lid, and hopefully the wires that feed it.Thanks for your help.

No problem Ian, so I may close the case please rate the service received using the star rating on this page.



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