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I have a hole in my work top (old hob) that is 570+505mm. I

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I have a hole in my work top (old hob) that is 570+505mm. I want an induction hob that will fit that & all I can find seem to measure 600mm.....but is that the overall measurement & not the actual "workings" underneath? Dimensions of the operational bit would be useful!!
Thanks if anyone can help, Maggie.

Hi Maggie,

The measurement advertised eg 60cm is the width of the visible face not the size of the void.

Most 600mm should fit in your void, some have less of a tolerance than others, but the brackets dont require a snug fit anyway.

Do you have any models you have been looking at, which I can look up the installation specs for you?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thanks ....yes variable prices...ART29214, Belling IHT613, AEG Hk654200Fb are the ones I have looked at...but I think your reply has satisfied my query...I will have to go & look at them really, but buying on line does not give one that option!!

The following voids are required:

  • ART29214 has a void of 565mm x 490mm
  • IHT613 has a void of 560mm x 490mm
  • Hk654200Fb has a void of 560mm x 490mm

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