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I have an AEG integrated dishwasher (model F55002VI0P) and I

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I have an AEG integrated dishwasher (model F55002VI0P) and I have been getting error code 0.40 which I could not reset. I have checked a number of sources and the likely culprit seemed to be the analogic pressure switch. I have changed this today and it worked first time. I put the side panel panel back on and put the dishwasher back under the unit and put it on a new cycle. Error 0.40 again!!!!!
I took the dishwasher back from under the units and tried again. Still showing error which does not reset. I removed the side panel and managed to clear the error! I started the cycle OK. After a few minutes I put the side panel on and the error re-appeared after a few minutes! I took the side panel off and managed to reset it and it seems to be ok in this state!! I am really baffled. Any ideas?


Was it just the pressure sensor you replaced or did it come as a kit with a new hose and that?


Customer: replied 7 months ago.
It came with a new hose but I only changed the pressure sensor head. As I explained before, as soon as I had swapped the pressure sensor, it worked first time and went through the wash cycle fully with no errors.

Ok AEG have had quite a lot of issues with these pressure sensors as the hose and the way it ran from the sump to the pressure sensor was causing problems. Thats why they made the kit.

Replace the hose and route it the way it shows in the instruction sheet if you still have it as this then usually cures the fault. As its the pressure sensor isnt resetting after its been used the first time so its giving the same issues.

Also when you remove the hose on the sump bowl give it a good clean in there as well befire pushing the new hose back on.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thats interesting. I do not have any sheet showing how it should be routed. The hose appears to be the same length as the current one so I don't see how it can go on a different route?

What ive done is uploaded the service bulletin on this.

As the location of the new pressure sensor is different as well.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thanks. My dishwasher had the new type to start with. I have just changed the hose for the new one and checked for blockages etc although I could not see anything wrong. Just started the cycle and will see how it goes this time.

Ok thats fine then if it was already the new set up.

Fingers crossed this works.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Well, The cycle started OK and seemed to be good until time indicator got to around 50minutes, then error code 0.40 appeared again! I could not clear the error but it changed to error 0.00 (not sure what that signifies?). I am really stuck. Not sure what other items are linked to this error (main controller etc) but conscious of overall cost.

What i have done is uploaded the service manual. Have a look at this and as it has the test programs in there and see if that helps you.

Click the link below and you can access it from there.

Now there is a part which is says to recalibrate the pressure sensor. Now this can only be on with sidekick which is the computer software the AEG engineers have so this is something you wont be able to do yourself im afraid.

But see what you find and let me know how it goes.

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I think this has proved I cannot fix the problem. I had basically done what I should have but it probably is either the calibration (not sure if the sensor needs calibrating to be honest) or possibly the main controller. At £154 it is not worth trying. It has been good to communicate with you although I was hoping you would advise of other checks i could have done to solve the problem.