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How to by pass 5 button timer on stoves oven, model number

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How to by pass 5 button timer on stoves oven, model number
Stoves precision 1100dfa.

Hi Paul,

You cant bypass the timer, as it interfaces (digitally) with the main PCB, any modification to a high energy appliance safety feature would also increase the risk of electrical fire and possibly invalidate your home insurance.

The timer forms part of a safety feature in the evet your using the oven and have a power cut, forget about the oven and leave it unattended when the power comes back on, as the timer would put the oven in standby until the clock is set, if your bypassed it the power would be restored and the oven would come straight on.

I hope this helps clarify why they have made the oven in this way, and prevented the timer being bypassed.



Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thanks James for your quick reply, looks like I might buy a new timer or just reset the clock when fault appears.

This I would suggest is your only viable option, but note if the fault is intermittent it will get worse, and the timers are products which do become obsolete first so may be better investing in a replacement to keep as a spare (even if you dont fit it day one), encase a permanent fault occurs and the timer is not long available.

So I can close the case please rate the response using the star rating on this page.

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