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Bosch SI6P1B dishwasher: I have set the normal Eco programme

and closed the door, the... Show More
and closed the door, the dishwasher is constantly beeping and on opening the "Cleaning Display" (looks like a scrubbing brush) is flashing and the cycle isn't starting. I have reset and the same thing happens again. I have checked the filters which are clear, have topped up the salt (!) and have also tried with the 65' cycle but it still continues to beep. Any ideas? Thanks
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The scrubbing brush light which is flashing which where is the located on the panel (next to what other light/button)

Customer reply replied 8 months ago.
To the left of the light is the right toggle button for the programme selection and to the right of this light are a set of 3 vertical lights which indicate (from top to bottom) "Check water supply", "salt refill" and "Rinse aid refill". It is an integrated model so the panel is on the top as you open the door.

Can you confirm the ENR for the appliance is SMI50C05GB

Customer reply replied 8 months ago.
No, the ENr is SMV50C00GB/14.

Ok the appliance is in a fault state, hold down the two program button <> with the appliance office, while holding them down press the power button and release them after 5 seconds.

Let me know what is shown on the display.

Customer reply replied 8 months ago.
The eco light is flashing, the scrubbing brush light and the light by the tap symbol "check water supply" are off and the "rinse aid" and "salt" are still lit

Right this is pointing to wards a faulty PCB, due to the nature of the fault it will need an engineer to attend to strip it down.

A new PCB can be in excess of £100, so would suggest you opt for a fixed price repair and protect plan, such as D&G, whos details can be found here.

Customer reply replied 8 months ago.
Thank you James, not great news but at least I know there's nothing more I can do. Best I empty it and wash up the old fashioned way!

Indeed, its an unusual fault we dont normally get too many of those.